Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Get Involved: 9/11 & Memory, a Collaborative Effort

As we approach the 10-year marker of September 11, 2001, I've been thinking a lot about that day.
And what I remember.
And what other people I've encountered remember.
And everything that's happened since then.
Ten years later, I still haven't fully comprehended or come to terms with it all.

I am interested in what YOU remember.
Where were you that morning? How did you hear the news? What was your reaction?
Consider these questions a prompt and answer them in a tangible manifestation.

Some Suggestions:
Write down what you remember (a word, a phrase, a detailed account of the day...)
Have someone interview you on camera
Interview someone else
Make a collage
Design a postcard
Write a poem
Photocopy a journal entry from that day

When you've completed your piece of the project, please mail it to me.
(E-mail me for my address:
And, as an incentive, I will send a 5x7 photo, taken by yours truly, to everyone who participates.

Please feel free, in fact I encourage you, to pass this project prompt along to anyone you think might be interested. Re-post this post, forward my e-mail, Tweet about it, etc.

At this point I'm unsure of the final product, however I'd definitely be interested in finding a physical space to share the project and further the collaboration and dialogue.
For now, though, it'll be a collection of memories.
To prevent forgetting.