Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This Is What I Remember

Standing on Fifth Avenue.
The girl next to me sobbing into a cell phone.
"He’s in there and people are just standing here taking pictures!"
And I kept shooting.

Talking to Jenny on the phone.
The Pentagon exploding on my TV screen.
"We’re at war! I don’t want to hang up with you!"
And I hung up the phone.

Anticipating a love letter.
The emptiness of my mailbox.

Returning a VHS to Hollywood Video.
Staring at face masks on the way.
"Am I the one in a movie?"
But I also can’t breathe.

Jumping over a puddle the night before.
Giggling while wondering out loud,
"What would happen if lightning struck a skyscraper?"
But an airplane?

No. An airplane never crossed my mind.