Saturday, December 16, 2006

funny things you won't want to miss

Today has been filled with funny I thought I'd create an interactive post to spread the laughter.

It all started this morning when I got an e-mail saying, "Giana has a posted a comment about you on myspace." So I sign into the site and see that she'd posted the following link:

alyse as the dancing hanukah elf!

Click on it and see what happens ;-)

Myspace also told me I had "video comments"...I had forgotten I even posted videos on there, so I watched them and started rolling around my bed laughing uncontrollably. So here they are:
Posted By:Alyse

Get this video and more at

Description: this video includes inordinate amounts of breakfast food, dixie chicks singing, glasses-wearing, and unintentional hilarity that seems to ensue at every family meal (as my sister pointed out--one of the reasons this is so funny is that within the one minute of footage we're all acting as our typical's on the phone, dad's "in his own world," and my sister and i randomly begin singing at the same time)

Here's the other video (from aruba 1/6/06):
Posted By:Alyse

Get this video and more at

Description: my dad, sister, and i went off-roading in a jeep really early our last morning in aruba...i spotted a crab in the road, my dad stopped and tried to make it dance...the beeping is me falling on the horn and my dad saying "go around!" to a pretend car

I told Giana (one of my roommates senior year) I couldn't stop laughing and she said:
wittynameAQUI: haha
wittynameAQUI: can your family adopt me?
snlhricome: YES
wittynameAQUI: great!
wittynameAQUI: you're all insane, but in a good way.

When I asked Brianna (my freshman college roommate) today if she was going to light a menorah tonight, we both at the same time said: REMEMBER WHEN THE MENORAH KILLED THE WANDERING JEW?? and then simultaneously started's the story...freshman year, the only place for me to put a menorah was on the window ledge in our dorm room. The window ledge also housed a small potted plant, called a Wandering Jew, that my mom gave me when I moved to NYC. You can probably see where this is going....but what happened was the melting wax from the candles in the menorah, unbeknownst to me, fell on the leaves of the plant over a period of 8 days and dried there....therefore suffocating/killing the Wandering Jew. Don't even try and steal the idea because Brianna's already working on the screen play, starring me as the wanderer ;-)

And to top it off, here is a picture I took of my dad last Hanukkah ('05). At first glance one might think he's wearing traditional Jewish gear...but really that's an old, ratty exercise towel around his shoulders. Dressed to impress....not.

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