Thursday, March 1, 2007

revival of the writers week junky...again

Even though Writers Week is about words, I've decided to do another photo/video essay instead. (You can read my original posting about WW in the archives) My sincere thanks to the teachers who continue to bring this event to life...and who always let me camp out on the floor to soak it all in.

Brewner laughing in the wings

Sampson writing

Admiring Ted Kooser

Abby and Grace

Lounging Ted

Life Lessons

Writers are rockstars too.

The tribute.

The three retirees.


Sampson's exit.

Teachers and students.

Big Boy in the center.

A true viking.

More WWXIII photos

Here is the preview or trailer, whatever you want to call it, for my documentary about Wyman, Sampson, and Brewner retiring at the end of this year. (The quality--both visually and audibly--aren't great compared to the DVD, but I think it's worth sharing.) Let it "buffer" a minute before letting it play.

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