Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy singles awareness day

Dumbest Question Award: "Why don't you have a boyfriend??"

What do people expect you to say when they ask that? Oh, well I've thought long and hard and I've come to a few conclusions:

a) I don't look like a swimsuit model
2) My high school English teacher senior year once told me I'm intimidating because I know what I want out of life...?

I guess I should find it flattering that people apparently find the fact that I don't so shocking, but it also feels a little backhanded--can one not experience self-worth without being someone's significant other?

"Oh and by the way, it's Valentine's Day. So if you're watching at home, better luck next year." ~Seth Meyers, Weekend Update

(Here I am at my childhood friend, Shelley's, wedding in December. Her dad called me off the dance floor to tell me, in front of my dad, that he can't believe I "don't have a line of guys waiting to go out with me and that I should really try the online dating scene." Thank you?)
My only response: laugh it up.

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velander said...

I've been trying to get you off the computer for the last six weeks!